VDB 0.1.0 (alpha) Released

Recently I've been working on a program that will let me do a full-text search of my 1500-file digital video library. The result is something I've unimaginatively called "VDB", short for "Video Database".

This release doesn't do much; you can add your library of video files, and it will let you do a full-text search on the filename. You can double-click an item in the list to launch the video with gnome-open (which should honour user settings for preferred applications).

Feel free to download it, mess around with it, and send me any feedback you have. I have plenty of future plans for it, including "watch folders", tagging, metadata, fetching information from IMDB, and being able to search on all of this information. (Think queries like actor:'johnny depp' tag:crime.)


Visit the VDB project page.